Fuse Magazine x Alyssa Marie

Alyssa and I shot this a few months back and were finally able to release this set because it was being published in Fuse Magazine. The issue took a little while to come out but I couldn't be more stoked to have some more of my work published. I uploaded the whole set that we shot that day but they used two images from this set in the magazine.

You can get a copy of the magazine here:

Volume #14

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San Francisco trip w/ Staci Castle

Staci and I made our way out to San Francisco for a days worth of shooting. We've talked about planning a SF trip for the longest time and were finally able to line up our schedules. The first set in the forest was published in Rebelicious Magazine in Issue #35 The second set was shot for a Los Angeles based clothing company called Beautiful Disaster

You can check out the issue here: Issue #35

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Beautiful Disaster