Jackal x Escape 2015

I honestly don't know what words to use to express how rad it was to shoot Escape but its definitely one for the books. Super thankful for the opportunity and stoked to be working with Jackal and the Vital Team. 

Go check him out:

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Fuse Magazine x Alyssa Marie

Alyssa and I shot this a few months back and were finally able to release this set because it was being published in Fuse Magazine. The issue took a little while to come out but I couldn't be more stoked to have some more of my work published. I uploaded the whole set that we shot that day but they used two images from this set in the magazine.

You can get a copy of the magazine here:

Volume #14

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Jason / Mandee Power Duo

Jason and Mandee are a killer team when it comes to shooting. I absolutely love working with them. We always get the shots we want and have a great time shooting. We shot for a few different clothing lines so I tried to separate them by companies. Here are the samples of what we got that day.

Check out the clothing lines below:

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Deadsociety Clothing

Fusion Clothing

Late night adventures with Garret Gooch

Garret and I set out in Studio City on a late night shoot. I wanted to switch it up on him since most his portfolio consists of shoots during the day and sunsets. Here is what we created. 

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Photo Series

Below is the first photo I am releasing which is apart of a series that I am currently working on. Once completed it will be made into a book which I plan on releasing in the near future. The series will be shot without photo-retouching and will only contain slight color correction.

I'd like to thank Alyssa for being such a great friend and for letting me crash on her couch during my LA trip back in August. If her and I had never shot that night this whole series would of never existed.

Accidents sometimes can create and inspire ways of doing things. 

I will be posting more of the series soon. 

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