The shoot with Alegion was by far one of the most interesting I have done. The location that we shot at had a huge old conveyer belt that I scouted a few months prior. Unfortunately it was getting torn down when we showed up but it gave it a completely different look than I planned. The shoot got weird really quick. There were two workers there who could barely speak english that were cutting huge pieces of metal with huge industrial blow torches. Then a security guard came along and I expected him to ask us to leave but he ended up being super cool and watched after us during the shoot. He was totally fine with us shooting there and he even offered us props to use. The location was pretty gross in general because before they started terring things down it was a home to a lot of homeless people. There was tons of  hyperdermic needles everywhere and the list goes on with nasty things. I felt like i needed to burn my shoes after the shoot. Overall it was a fun shoot and the clouds and sunset worked in my favor during the shoot which I was really happy about. 

Go check out the band, they have new music coming soon! 


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