Unplugged Magazine

I've been working with a magazine called Unplugged for a little over a year now. They are based in Sacramento, California with the focus of covering music. Each issue Unplugged finds one band that hasn't been heard of and presents them a chance to be on the cover and a story inside about them as well as a Q&A section. I really like the fact that they work hard to find great bands to feature in each of the issues. It always gives me a new band to listen too which is a plus. The magazines have plenty of interesting articles to read. So if you're into reading magazines and you love music, definitely check them out. 

Also, big thanks to Steven for letting me be apart of the team and providing great opportunities! 

Check out their website for other content.


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Here are a few covers I shot for them over the past year. Just click on anyone you want and it'll direct you to the issue you chose.